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Providing Quality Lumber Since 1946

John H. Ball got into the lumber business in King and Queen County, VA in 1946. He bought a sawmill, 4 mules, 2 horses, and a truck for $3,000.

In those days, most of the lumber was sold for railroad cross ties and it took Mr. Ball three years to pay off that initial investment.

Today, Ball Lumber Company has over 75 full-time employees including three generations of Ball family members cutting trees, overseeing the mill, and transporting lumber.

Our Mission

To produce a quality product, not just structurally sound but with a good appearance. All of the products at Ball Lumber are graded and stamped with a seal of certification for quality.

Our products are ideal for pallet manufacturers, building material suppliers, and treaters who add preservatives to wood for use in commercial and residential applications.

The Experience

How We Work

Family Owned and Operated

Ball Lumber Company is a family business. On any given day we have uncles, cousins and sons working at the company together. Because we operate as a family, we treat our customers as family. We gain new clients every year and have maintained current customers for 60 years.

The Ball family has grown the mill from a manually operated production to a well-run, mechanized system of cutting, sorting and shipping lumber. To stay ahead of industry standards we routinely explore methods used domestically and internationally.

While things have changed a lot in 60 years in terms of what we do on the mill, the consistent factors have been our clients and those relationships. We want to keep our customers happy, and they in turn have high expectations.

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